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The Nintendo Wii will simply be a revolution. There is no reason a total non-gamer could not pick up a controller and simply enjoy the experience from the begging. The Nintendo Wii features revolutionary technology that makes video games accessible to everyone. Not just the 20+ somethings the industry is currently pandering too.

The industry has grown stagnant thanks to the testosterone freaks that currently make "most" of the market. Games like GTA WERE good. But as with almost all things American consumers latch onto the industry freaks out an sees the monetary possibilities. By producing sub-par games en masse with only a few "improvements" (as the industry calls them) such as more blood it becomes a vicious cycle. Soon the story lines fade and it simply comes to down how much t'n'a and blood they can pack in without getting an AO (adults only) rating. Why because one game had a little bit of both and it sold well because it was new and fresh. So the industry responds by producing superfluous crummy knock offs.

The Nintendo Wii requires developers and industry to head in another direction. To not be able to do a direct port of some game on another system. This is exactly what the doctor ordered.

Anyone who reads this who plans on purchasing one let me know. I wanna talk shop with some people.



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Dec. 29th, 2006 02:12 pm (UTC)
I hope to purchase a Wii in 2007, and I like the change it represents. The other consoles can continue cranking out their linear uninspired RPGs, their redundant Madden XXXX football titles, and whatever other sequels will trick their customers in paying full price for the same thing every year.

The Wii is fresh and new, and it will be great if the game developers choose to do interesting things with it. Right now, it's selling like crazy, so at least the incentive to make games is there.
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